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Case Study: Heavenly Desserts Liverpool

In 2013 Hamza Nabi began working part time at his local Heavenly Desserts while he studied. Little did he know that four years later, he would be opening the doors of his own branch in Liverpool’s prime shopping destination, Liverpool One. If you would like to speak with one of our specialist franchise finance Account Managers, call us on 01604 761 276.

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Case Study: Boost Trampoline Parks

In 2016 Portman helped Boost to purchase the trampoline equipment for their brand new trampoline park in Northampton. The business is located in a 30,000sqft warehouse next to the Riverside Retail Park. When the park owners approached Portman, they had already decided on the equipment that they would like to use…

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Expand Your Business Fleet with This Lease Finance Option

If you are thinking of adding another vehicle to your business’s current fleet, or replacing one unit, or even if you are thinking of getting your first business vehicle, it is worthwhile to consider the available financing options. Sometimes, small and new business...

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Business-Savvy Tips For Making The Most Of Asset Finance

In today’s dynamic business environment, the top challenges that confront both small and big businesses include finding a way to continue to enhance speed, scalability, adaptability and competitiveness. Experts caution organisations to be more conservative about...

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Possible Uses for Opticians Finance

If you are an independent optometrist or an independent eye specialist, you must keep up with the latest technologies and innovations related to both diagnostics and treatment. As expected, it’s also customary to continually update your equipment as well as the...

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The Advantages of Scaffolding Finance

One of the key challenges new construction firms have to face is to identify which assets to purchase and which ones to lease. For scaffolding, experts recommend leasing if the project will last less than three months, if the build has an awkward shape, if the...

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